In July 2014 NSWRU conducted a Referee Week to attract new referees to the refereeing ranks. This was quite successful and they have quite a number of new referees running around each weekend. We decided that this year we would have a Referee Month rather than just a week.

We all agree that referees are a very necessary component of the game. By acknowledging their contribution we will be retaining more of them in the game. We would also probably agree that there are never enough of them. In our view, not only do we need more referees but we also need younger referees to replace our aging referee population.

April is Referee Month in NSW for this season. During this month, NSWRU has set itself two goals. They are:

To acknowledge the contribution that Referees make to Community Rugby in NSW; and

To attract more people to Referee our great game.

To assist in these two goals, NSWRU want to make referees more accessible to your club. We will be encouraging referees to attend your club training to participate and where applicable to assist you. They will be encouraging referees to attend Post Match Activities to talk to your players will be fostering association to club contact to recruit parents, supporters and existing players into the refereeing ranks.

NSWRU have scheduled Foundation Courses to follow Referee Month in order to quickly and efficiently deal with the expected influx on new recruits.

Referee Month will culminate at the Waratahs vs Rebels match on Anzac Day. Referees will be publically acknowledged at the game and should be very visible on the Fox Sports coverage.

‘Bring a Mate’ Education Night

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a referee then attend the ‘Bring a Mate’ Education night hosted by Sydney North Referees. Contact our Referee’s Liaison, Phil Feltscheer (0414 520 193), if you’re interested.

The details for the night are:
Date – Tuesday 21st April
Venue – Pymble Golf Club, Cowan Road, St Ives
Time – 7:00pm start