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2020 Rugby Registration2020-06-02T11:14:58+10:00

Registration is now open in Rugby Xplorer for the 2020 Rugby Season.

If you have not yet used your second Active Kids voucher for 2019 then it can be used if you register before the end of 2019.

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Active Kids Voucher

The NSW Governments Active Kids Program will enable parents/guardians/carers to receive $100 voucher per eligible child to contribute to the registration fees to play rugby at the Collaroy Cougars. You will need to apply for your voucher before you register (can be done online). You will be prompted for the voucher number as part of the registration process.

2020 Registration Prices

 Age GroupRego Fees *Without Voucher *
MinisU6 - U7$20$120
U8 - U9$45$145
JuniorsU10 - U18$120$220
Girls Sevens:
Sizzling 7s (Feb)U11 - U18$20$120
Frosty 7s (Jun)U11 - U18$20$120
$20 Additional Child Discount

* Require your Active Kids "authorisation code" from NSW Gov, check sport.nsw.gov.au for eligibility and retrieval. Available now

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What age group does my child play in?2019-12-18T17:01:44+11:00

The age group for players is determined by the age they turn in the calendar year.

For example:

Players born in 2010 would play Under 10s in 2020.

For Girls Sevens a 2 year window is used, so for example girls born in 2005 and 2004 would play Under 16s.

How do I register for Girls Sevens?2019-12-18T17:07:03+11:00

The Girls play in two competitions over the course of the season and need to register for each seperately.

Sizzling Sevens competition starts in February and registration is now open.

Frosty Sevens competition starts in June, registration for this competition will open in May 2020.

What Club do I select when registering?2019-12-18T16:13:38+11:00

Collaroy Cougars Junior Rugby Club

What Registration Type do I select when registering?2019-12-18T16:14:06+11:00

For Minis (U6 – U9) select: XVs Juniors

For Juniors (U10 – Opens) select: XVs Juniors

For Girls Sevens (U11 – U18) select: 7s Junior Girls

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