Cougars Subbies is now a reality again after a long spell since the mid 80s. The team comprises many past club juniors, mates, local blokes all fired up and ready for a great season.

They had their first game on the weekend, going down 7-21, after being behind 0-14 at the break.

A very good effort considering the other mob had 2 trial games whereas we had a lot of blokes turning up for the first time – we only had 8 or 9 at training but had 23 guys yesterday. Further we were missing 10+ guys who couldn’t play yesterday due to surf boats, being away etc. so all in all numbers look solid.

The forwards were dominant, both set plays well on top and we had some good “turbos”. We just missed our chances to draw level in the 2nd half, then they got a lucky try from a scrum catching us napping down the blind side.

Everyone was pleased after the game and the mood was buoyant, so looking forward to next week.

We train Wednesday nights at 7:00pm if you are interested.

Next Saturday will be our first home game with kick-off at 3:15pm at Griffith Park. Would be great to have a big home crowd to cheer the boys on.