Collaroy Rugby Club Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: 5 August 2013

Time: 08:00 pm

Location: Griffith Park Clubhouse

Attendees: Barry Muncke, Mike Gibbons, Graham Davies, Mick Barry, Tim Lockrey, Paul Van Der Zwaag, Bruce Nicholas, Lata Wilkinson, Eileen Dunkley

Apologies: Peter Bremner, Crombie Pitts, Karen Green

Chair: Barry Muncke

Minutes: Mike Gibbons

Approval of the Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes were agreed. Proposed: GD Seconded: PVDZ

Mike Gibbons Resignation


BM thanked MG for his contribution in the short time he has been with the club. MG responded that it had been an honor and a pleasure to work with BM and the rest of the committee. Although absent overseas due to business, education and tax considerations, he would retain an active interest in the club and continue to support the database as his son Robert will continue to play in U12 and U13 next year. He anticipates being back In June 2014 and hopes there will be a U15 team for his son Andrew to play in.


GD will take the minutes at future meetings until a new secretary is appointed.

Hosting Finals


BM reported the club will host semi-finals on Sunday 18th August. The details are still to be notified by the SJRU. BM with input from BN identified the responsibilities of the club as:

  • Ground Marshals
  • Scrutineer
  • First Aid
  • Changing room roster
  • Allocate warm up area
  • Program sales
  • PA system
  • Canteen staff
  • Team Liaison
  • Match Balls
  • Designated area for photographers

Responsibilities were assigned and accepted.

Coffee Options


Three options for providing coffee service were considered:

  1. Cafe2U proposed minor sponsorship of $1000 for the 2014 season. $500
at the being of the season and $500 halfway . No commission on sales but vouchers to players and best & fairest awards for juniors
  2. Hit Cafe to provide coffee machine a pay for installation of 20 amp plug, barista and 15% commission on sales payable on match day
  3. Club managed sales via purchase of pod coffee machine approx $80, pods at $.35, coffee sales approx. $3.00 per cup
  4. Need short term solution for hosting finals 18/8

Council requires that we do not store equipment in the clubhouse which inhibits the Hit Cafe option. Committee considered revenue to the club from the DIY option would be substantially more than commission based solutions


Book Cafe2u for Finals. Purchase pod machine on trial basis. If not successful consider alternatives

Annual General Meeting


The presentation day has already been set for 15/9 so it was considered that that was the best opportunity to have the most members present.


Hold AGM following Presentations.

Grading Update


BN has looked at the U10’s and sees some players in the E’s with good potential to play at a higher grade.


Parents of U9’s and U10’s to be notified that grading will occur next season as a matter of club policy.

Member Survey


MG reported a meeting was held with BM, GD and MB to review results. The meeting concluded several lessons could be learned that would strengthen the club. Particularly,

  • Build on BN’s role as Coaching Director to provide support for coaches through monthly meeting
  • Develop procedures for coaches, managers, game day operations
  • Improve communication to members from committee through a newsletter

Prior to the meeting MG provided a draft of letter to be sent to parents thanking them for participating, summarising results and outlining actions the committee would take next year. He also circulated the complete survey results. PVDZ observed that response rate of 22% was very satisfactory.


The committee approved the draft of survey results to be sent to parents.

Matters Arising from Minutes of Previous Meeting

BM reported that a second sponsor’s canopy for Steve Massey, Chiropracter, was in progress.

Date of Next Meeting

Not set

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.