Only 16 players rostered on today as a few players were under an injury status. George McKee ran on in his 50th game with the Cougars.

12 noon kick-off at home and we started strongly with Kai, Wilson and George getting stuck in with some brilliant tackling as Seaforth had most of the ball in the first ten minutes. We looked much stronger than Thursday night and with our two second rowers out the boys filled the void with pride. Play remained tight in the middle. Nathan and Dillon combined well to lead us up the field and a knock on 10 meters out thwarted our progress to score our first try. Sam pounded their centre making him lose ground as Markus collected the ball and passed it to Ben then to Kai, we had then back peddling. Mark bellowed “watch the kick” sure enough they attempted to kick to clear their 10 metre line but George and Jimmy added to much pressure as Lachlan ripped the ball clean from their props hands and ran to score our first 5 pointer—Nathan converted.

13th Minute-Collaroy 7—Seaforth 0

Our players were anxious to get into their territory again. Luke, Sam and Dillon drove down the right flank to put Curtis into a hole and he ran at top speed from 30 meters out to score our second—conversion missed

17th Minute-Collaroy 12—Seaforth 0

Thomas, Ben and Will hit the defence hard making it impossible for Seaforth to gain momentum, they coughed the ball up and Curtis called on Jimmy to have a couple of big runs. We turned the ball over a couple of times with miss fed passes as Seaforth scooped the ball and ran for the corner to score—conversion missed

21st Minute-Collaroy 12—Seaforth 5

A great kick-off into the SE corner with the ball bouncing end on end just 5 out from their line. Thomas and Wilson chased the ball with speed as we looked like we might score again. Hayden and Will chimed in to the attack and we were looking good. With 1 minute to go Wilson stepped around four players to score a brilliant solo try near the uprights—Nathan made the conversion.

25th minute-Half Time-Collaroy 19—Seaforth 5

Drinks in the middle as mark offered congratulations to their play. Mark said “watch your passing, hands up high and catch and run. We are smashing them with great drawing defence and creating Overloads-Keep it going”

Our kick-off Dillon and Hayden miraculously held their front rower up who couldn’t release the ball-our penalty. We continue to move upfield through Nathan and Ollie breaking the defensive line, Hayden made 15 Meters-Dillon 10 as we headed for the corner. Every pass seemed to be perfectly directed with good timing, Kai and Luke showed why we have a good attacking backs. So close to their line Nathan took a Curtis pass from the ruck and drove himself through the opposition to score—Nathan converted.

39th Minute-Collaroy 26 Seaforth 5

We were still eager to put on more points but Seaforth held the ball, a couple of line breaks gave Seaforth opportunities. Our boys tackled their hearts out, Ollie and Nathan drove them over the side line as Ben and George were always there to support . We continued to give their attack headaches—We couldn’t lose from here. We let in a late conciliation try from their quick plays.

Every player in out side deserved a point for their efforts today. 2 wins in four days as all the parents and spectators loudly clapped the boys from the field.

Men of the match

  • Lachlan 3 points
  • Ben 2 Points
  • George 1 point
  • Nathan 1 point