This was the match we’d waited all season for. It was the match when the Warringah Rat pack split into their club sides to play rat against rat, mate against mate. Tensions were high when we turned up at Porters Reserve on Friday night. The weather was miserable and it had been raining all day. The game was going to be messy as we looked at the lake at the far end of the field. But it was a game never to happen and as the President of the Newport Rugby Club called the ground too wet the boys let out an emotional groan.

The boys on both sides were so disappointed that the match quickly got rescheduled to Sunday at “Cougartown” as parents quickly checked their mobile phones to see what actually needed to be rearranged to get their boys to a game on a new day.

We all wanted Jake Robinson’s 100th game for the Collaroy Cougars to be a good one and Newport were the perfect team for us to be taking on. Jake ran on the field solo, revelling in his moment of glory, with the boys following him on with gusto (even Billy Miller was keen to get in on the action)!

In the first few minutes the Newport team looked strong, their backs were fast and they were moving the ball quickly out to their wingers. The Collaroy crowd wondered if we were going to be fast enough.

With Charlie our side step genius sunning himself in Hawaii for his 10th birthday, the team positions needed shuffling around a bit and Super Coach John made some positional moves that had Hunter taking up Charlie’s number 12 spot, Harvey in lock, Baxter moved to outside centre and Zane resuming the halfback position.

Hunter and Coleman immediately showed Collaroy’s strength as they pummelled the faster Newport boy to the ground. It was game on!

The Collaroy forwards saw the backline running straight and hard and started cracking those Newport boys to the ground too. Luke the Bear, Jake, Will, Jacob and Isaac started to get their groove on and it was WWF wrestling time. We were moving forward slowly and our dominance started to build.

Come on boys!! Yep there it is . . . Coleman passing down his back line to Josh, Josh found the gap, albeit a tiny one and Josh the Gazelle hits full speed with four fast Newport boys in pursuit, he just strides pass them with a grin on his face. He’s in clean as a whistle for try number one of the game. A tough kick for conversion from close to the sideline but Albi slams it through with ease. 7-0! Oh that’s a nice start.

Not being discouraged, the Newport boys fired up immediately gaining possession. There was plenty of pressure from both sides and the intensity of the game was showing. Collaroy’s front pack dominated the scrum and the Blacks moved up the field quickly now. Every single Black’s player put their body on their line to protect their team mates and get the ball out and away from the opposition.

But the boys had noticed that in the far south corner of the field there was a big muddy puddle that looked like fun. Al got tackled as he went close to the line and got drenched. Isaac went for a pick and grab and he smashed a little closer to the line. Splash in the mud and went in happy. He rolled over, with Luke and Jacob protecting him in the ruck and he passed the ball back to Jake, the 100 game man, and the Collaroy Blacks go-to Big Man. Jake crashed over the line into the water too with a grin from ear to ear. Try number two for the Collaroy team done and yes half of the Collaroy Boys had had a little swim and thought it was hilarious.

Albi dripping in mud converted again. 14-0 at half time!

The Newport team came out in the 2nd half with a new intensity in their eyes, they moved the ball quickly finding the back line. Will made his presence felt and Coleman got his tackle on, as the Newport boys started pounding for ground. The Newport boys lifted, and as they lifted, so did we. The game was heating up. Players on both sides were falling down, getting crushed, with the first aider doing overtime. Injuries and emotions were boiling over – they are only U10 after all! The boys were all putting in maximum effort and it was showing. Our reserves who have played for us a few times now seem part of a longer bench and Archie, Charlie and Bead were all outstanding rotating into the Blacks to add more muscles in a game where every second counted.

The game was very tough – and I want to call out players who were making a difference but every boy today played exceptionally. My personal favourite try came next. The Newport team hurt Harvee’s leg, and then trod on the stomach of Isaac and the Blacks did not like that. Luke got angry, Jake and Jacob got angry, Coleman got angry, so did Hunter, so did Baxter and so did Josh . . . . watch out Newport, you don’t mess with these boys! It was time for try number three. The Collaroy boys hunted and they passed to Josh and he was off like a rocket down the side line but oh no, no room down the sideline. To the left, to the right, to the left, to the right . . . “ner ner you can’t catch me” . . . and the Newport boys couldn’t. Try number three to Josh – woo hoo Collaroy . . . . ‘you are thrashing them,’ thought the crowd.

The Collaroy boys were elated and a bit bashed up – just ten minutes to go. Newport got the ball. They headed to the line but Collaroy remembered what they’d done a few weeks ago to hold up the play and they were not giving up any points if they didn’t have to.The Collaroy defence was superb. Luke The Bear, Hunter, Zane, Baxter, Harvey, Archie, Jacob and Jake . . . the list goes on and they held them and they held them. The injured boys on the sideline were miraculously fixed and they begged to be let back on the field to help their team mates out.

Bugger that wet corner patch again. Too slippery to hold up anyone and in went the Newport boy over the line and into the puddle. Newport scored as the full time whistle blew.

What a game, what a team, what a coach!! Collaroy’s three U10 teams have been stand out this year in all divisions and today the Black’s showed just what commitment, depth, skill and class we have in this club. Go the Cougars!!

Full time score 19-7

Man of the Matches: Jake and Will – for outstanding play

Highly Commended by Coach John: Baxter – a cracking game and Forwards – “you owned it”

Well done Jake Robinson for playing 100 games for the Cougars.