These details have been developed to provide guidance and reasoning regarding the process of nomination and selection of Life Members.

Life Membership recognises the extraordinary and valuable contribution of those individuals within Collaroy Rugby Club, that have so significantly benefited the clubs overall situation, development and future prospects, over a sustained period of time.


A nomination can be submitted by, and for, any member of the Collaroy Rugby Club. Nominations must be submitted in writing and received by the Club Secretary by 30th June each season.

A nomination must contain sufficient detail and supporting information regarding the nominees history of service and involvement with the club. (See Criteria below)

Suitable nominations will be initially reviewed by the Life Member Sub Committee, which comprises the Club President, Vice President (Juniors) and the Club Secretary.


An unquestionable benefit has been derived by the club through the extraordinary efforts of the person being nominated.

This can be demonstrated by the nominees accumulated history of service for the club, based on the following minimum guidelines.

A total of at least 8 years (accrued) service as part of the Club Committee.

Plus one of the following:

Such as but not limited to:

  • District and/or Zone representation or liaison.
  • Coaching Accreditation and development support within the club. Refereeing support, mentoring and development within the club.
  • Substantial lobbying and/or fundraising activities on behalf of the club.
  • Substantial volunteer assistance regarding general club needs and activities.
A history of active involvement as a club Coach or Manager.

Life Members

Ross Dawson
Harry Biddolph
Bruce Ferry
John Rogers-Falk
1988Allan Gowen
1995Paul White
Alan Walton
Greg Mountjoy
1998Tim Helman
2004Ed Selby
2009Phil Feltscheer
Denis Bendall
Bruce Nicholas
Greg Broome
2010Jasmin Hadzipasic
Greg Black
2013Barry Muncke
2022Craig Marsh
Mick Barry
Life Membership Policy