Over 9,000 coaches and match officials in Australia receive their SmartRugby safety qualification each year. Their dedication helps to make our game safer and more enjoyable to play.

SmartRugby is Mandatory

SmartRugby is mandatory for every coach and referee where there is a tackling component.

SmartRugby is an occupational health and safety program for Australia’s Rugby participants. It is a compulsory minimum requirement for every coach and referee participating in Rugby where there is a tackling component. SmartRugby is mandatory requiring qualification every two years. To be fully effective it requires ongoing commitment rather than just occasional attention.

What are the Benefits?

SmartRugby will only really have an impact if coaches and referees get behind it by learning about it, following its training techniques and ‘transferring the knowledge’ to players. The benefits are many – not just fewer injuries, which makes for happier parents and players, and fewer coaching selection crisis, but more effective tackles and scrums, and a greater focus of team effort at the breakdown, lineouts and restarts.