A great game from the whole team with every player putting in a huge effort and contributing to the occasion!

The forward pack were very dominant pushing (a similar sized) opposition off the mark on several occasions, and winning most scrums for and against the feed. They all pitched in contesting the rucks, stole the advantage and presented some good clean ball to the backs. There were even a few pick and drives resulting in 3 and 4 phases of good forward’s momentum busting through tackles and gaining good metres. The backline produced a number of great runs, passing cleanly and spinning the ball through all hands on to the wing on several occasions. They busted tackles, changed direction, danced with the sideline on a few occasions and dazzled the opposition’s defence with pace and skill.

The defence is also coming together with the entire team contributing with some great tackles. They pulled players to ground then stole the ball, and also held them up on a couple of occasions. The boys also showed some healthy aggression forcing their attack over the sideline or driving them backwards. I can’t remember when our backline was breached, and the opposition certainly never threatened to score.

It is a great sign when the tries are shared between the forwards and backs and when the entire team deserved Man of the Match!

I am sure the opposition will improve, and the boys will be presented with some more challenging matches as the season progresses, but it is exciting to see them playing clean fair rugby, and developing as a team.