As you would all be aware concussion must be taken extremely seriously to safeguard the long term welfare of our players. While much is written and extensive guidelines and protocols are available their practical application is sometimes overwhelming.

As we begin a new season we have been fortunate to gain access of the services of Ryan Kohler the founder of Sport Concussion Australasia. Ryan has kindly offered to provide for interested coaches, trainers, medical staff & physiotherapists, parents and players a brief seminar on concussion management and how to effectively access practical tools to and resources to manage concussion.

Did you know:

  • Playing sport with concussion symptoms can cause long term brain damage
  • 9 out of 10 concussions occur in matches
  • On average 2 – 3 people in each of your teams will be concussed this season
  • Ignoring concussion puts players at risk of sudden death
  • School exam marks can go down if recovery is slow
  • Taking ibuprofen before contact sport risks brain bleeding if knocked out

I cannot emphasize strongly enough how critical this is for player management and protection and would love to see as many people as possible from your respective clubs to come along next Wednesday night. Could you please circulate broadly across your clubs and it would be extremely helpful if you could get back with an indication of numbers so we can get the venue appropriately set up.

Brad Dalton
President – WJRU

HeadSmart™ Sports Concussion Programme‘ provides access to complete concussion management solutions before, during and post concussion incidents. SCA also provide iPhone and iPad Apps and first response testing – all free of charge.