We had met our opposition previously on a Friday night and won in a tough close encounter. Today we were fielding a full outfit with 18 players all fit and ready for play following a bruising Tuesday training run. Unfortunately Wakehurst only turned up with 11 players meaning seven of our players warmed the bench.

Andrew tossed his original replacement formula away & went with an old “on and off” structure remembering when he once played IT WORKED!!

The game commenced with some tight defence on both sides Wakehurst occupied loads of possession, Wilson, Kai, George and Will raised their tackle count with some spirited defence. Plenty of dropped ball from our boys meant limited progress up field. Continued possession and Wakehurst moved it wide through their backline creating an overlap and scoring eventually under the posts – goal converted.

14th Minute Collaroy 0 – Wakehurst 7

A slow start, which is our common trait, meant the boys were under pressure. Wakehurst may have scored again if not for Kai who cover defended wiping their centre out, eventually forcing them into touch. We commanded the lineouts with winning most this was a positive sign. Mitchell W gathered plenty of ball and made big metres every time he held the ball, we still couldn’t get to the line. Wakehurst were good in defence with their big forward pack.

Lots of ball in the second half with better ball security and our fresh men from the bench meant we were in line for a potential barrage of points. One massive hit by Ben knocking the ball out of their second rowers arms showed great commitment and gave us possession. Gilly looked dangerous out wide with excellent support from Patrick, Jai and Flynn making forward progress. Ben, Caid and Marcus worked hard defending around the ruck giving us a sustained good field position, we were looking dangerous. Being held up a couple of times Ollie forced his big frame over the line for our first try – conversion missed.

22nd Minute Collaroy 5 – Wakehurst 7

Momentum favoured the Cougars, the biggest play of the day came in the 27th minute. In the centre of the field the scrum packed in, Coach Al screeched an order” for Wilson to swap Dean to the centres, Curtis spun the ball out then switched to Dean who ran the left flank drawing three defenders passing to Luke who was unstoppable and raced away for a brilliantly orchestrated try – conversion missed.

27th Minute Collaroy 10 – Wakehurst 7

Play continued with structured progress ‘RIO’ to ‘LONDON’ and back– they looked like a seasoned outfit. Curtis, Wilson and Patrick dictating ball movement Wakehurst were tired and down to ten men, Luke took full advantage with Gilly reading the play and moving to the right and a few more passes as Luke went over for his second – conversion missed.

31st Minute Collaroy 15 – Wakehurst 7

Mitchell Gilligan was in the middle of the offensive move and suffered a painful knee injury. Coach Al carried him off to waiting medical help another big tough game by Gilly.

Collaroy continued their assault with more timely fresh substitutes Wakehurst tried to defend until Sean wound up a run from 12 metres out to bust over and score near the corner – Dean’s conversion hitting the uprights.

34th Minute Collaroy 20 – Wakehurst 7

Play continued in the opposition half with Curtis, Mitchell W and Sean causing havoc for Wakehurst. The total may have been many more as the ref (almost calling the mercy rule) ended the game a few minutes early.


Kai & Mitchell W


8 – Will & Wilson
7 – Ben, Caid & George


50+ Metres – Kai, Mitchell G and Luke