Friday 11 Oct

The day had finally arrived for the GODs return to the newly renovated Big House at Tiona. As per previous years an advance party of Greg Black, Tony RJ and John Dummett had come via Hawks Nest to enjoy a game of golf on the way.

As the GODs drifted in they were all amazed at the extent of the renovations to the Big House during our 2 year’s absence. The most notable being the new roof and the decorations to the fridge door. Blommies coffin took up its usual position on the balcony as sleeping positions were decided.

The GODs enjoyed their refreshments and afternoon snacks before adjourning in casual dress to the Reckie for dinner. The Dee Why guys were already at the Reckie enjoying the late afternoon sun on the grass.

One interesting topic at dinner concerned various GODs success or otherwise using on-line dating sites.

After dinner the traditional games of pool quickly followed before returning on the courtesy bus to the Big House at Tiona for further pre-match discussions and hydration.

As soon as some of the group drifted off to bed, the mysterious noise of buzz saws was heard throughout the house. As always the exact source of these mysterious sounds remains a mystery.

Saturday 12 Oct

The early risers were greeted with another great sunny day. Some enjoyed quick dips in the waters off Tiona. Soon after the group quickly set about cranking up the bbq for a big fry up whilst also enjoying the fancy bread Ed had brought from a French bakery at the Rocks.

The team then donned their new GODs shirts before heading off for its destiny at the Sporties fields of Forster. En route GODson took a detour through a Forster nursing home, arriving later at the ground around 30 minutes after everyone else?

The GODs in their new No. 1’s were definitely the best dressed team, attracting much attention from other teams, spectators and the tournament organisers.

In a sign that the tournament is improving, a strapper was provider this year although none of the GODs decided to available themselves of his dubious skills.

The GODs combined with the team from Baulkham Hills led by their former South African captain Mark and his lovely wife with the big fun bags. Our very professional GER (Nigel) who had been missing for the past couple of years made a big difference to game day. He quickly had us assembled for the warm-up and ready for the first game. Water bottles were always on hand.

In all the games the GODs accounted for themselves very well, despite the hot conditions. In the heat it was a day for the forwards to lay the platform but conserve their energy whilst the backs played smart (or whatever else it is that they do). John Dummett and Tony RJ both had some fine touches early to be in contention for the MVP award of the GODs trophy.

Early on the GODfather sold Tony RJ a classic hospital pass whilst it was not long before John Dummett crossed the stripe for the GODs first meat pie.

The GODs subsequently played another 2 games, each in fine style. The last game featured 89 year old Noel Crozier, known to some of the GODS, who displayed remarkable skill for his age. In the end the GODs managed to escape the day with no major injuries.

As tradition has it, post-game in lieu of a warm down, the team headed off for a swim, successfully negotiating the bush track down to the beach without encountering any snakes. The wind and rip from the north was very strong making it almost impossible to stay put in the water in one place.

For the first time ever the GODs attended the official presentation, receiving a nice plaque from the event hosts. In another first several GODs took advantage of the hot showers at the ground before heading off. Who says things never change.

The group then assembled at the Bellevue for compulsory schooners and to feast on a spread of fresh prawns. The controversy of last year was gone as all GODs assembled around the pool to check out the local talent, who for the most part still had their teeth along with their large tanned breasts. The toxic culture from last year was gone.

Whilst peeling prawns Blommie again struck up a conversation with one of the barmaids who remembered us from the previous year. Blommie thought that she had put on a lot of weight so we will need to check on this again next year.

Back at the Big House the group enjoyed the leftovers from the morning’s fry-up along with cheese, biscuits, salami , nuts etc. In discussions the timing of next year’s tour came up and it was decided that we should not disclose the date to Merrill in the hope that Johnnie Mac might be able to tour next year.

Then it was time for the big moment, the awarding of the GODs trophy for another year. Manus being the holder of the trophy had meticulously cleaned it prior to the tour but it had become noticeably dusty from just one night in the Big House as it was placed on the table.

The GODs elders acknowledging the fine displays of many of the backs but could not go past John Dummett for his skilful play. Wearing his headgear whilst playing very flat at #10 or #12 he looked very Larkham esque at times. John then became the first GOD to win the trophy twice on tour.

Around 6:45pm the touring party boarded the courtesy bus for the Reckie resplendid in their new No. 1’s shirts.

The cholesterol basket, also known as the Fisherman’s basket was still popular with the GODfather.

After dinner the pool tables were again the focus of attention. The GOD father and GODson held off many contenders but were ultimately defeated late in the evening. Unlike last year the girls from the Greek Island of Lebos were nowhere to be seen.

Further match day debriefs continued back at the Big House.

Sunday 13 Oct

The fry up on the second morning was larger as the remainder of the bacon, sausage, eggs and baked beans were prepared. This was just what the GODs needed.

The perils of bus transport were reinforced to the GODS when it became known that Chris Hegarty has reversed the Dee Why bus into a pole.

With many boxes still to be ticked, it was not long before the touring party was again in motion. Some GODs had to depart early for the trip home but most headed to the coffee shop at Blueys.

After enjoying their coffees whilst reading the papers the team departed for the next official stop at Seal Rocks where upon arrival the group assembled down at No. 2. Unfortunately both picnic benches were occupied this year – the old fisho’s had a battery operated TV so that they could enjoy the Hardie Ferodo from Bathurst along with their beers. With no stand-up boards this year the group enjoyed a nice swim in the relatively gentle waters. The tray of Blommies truck then served as the table top as the remaining touring party enjoyed cheese, biscuits, anchovies, smoked oysters and Coopers Pale.

After such a sumptuous entre the group then adjourned for the traditional main course pie up at the shop. The view sitting on the deck at the shop is still remarkable even after all these times.

Next stop was the Prawn Shop at Heatherbrae – still without its prawn boat! At this time the wind was becoming almost cyclonic. The group took shelter inside the shed (another first) to enjoy their rolls but quickly departed for fear branches would fall from the tall trees onto our cars.

As the GODs departed Heatherbrae the official section of the tour ended for another year. Like last year my Reckie membership card has now cooled so much so that it is once again safe to touch.

Can’t wait for 2014 – with new jerseys?.

Official Tourists for the record:

GODfather, Blommie, Tony RJ, Greg B, Paul V D Z, Nigel W, Mick B, Tim H, Jasmin, John D, Harro, Manus McFadyen, Ed S