You are no doubt aware that the NSW Government is making additional efforts to try and contain the likelihood of community transmission of COVID-19. SJRU and all affiliates of NSWRU support this wholeheartedly and in return we also appreciate the awareness from the government of the benefits of community sport. As the attached update from NSW Rugby and other community sports notes, they are pleased to have been able to work together with NSW Health and NSW Office of Sport to develop updated plans that help stop the spread of COVID-19 in NSW but also allow community sport to continue.

After considering the latest requirements and recommendations, SJRU in association with NSWRU has determined that the Friday XVs, Sunday XVs, Frosty 7s, Sydney North Girls and all Minis competitions can proceed. However there will be a series of changes implemented to all of these competitions to help ensure everyone’s safety. We will communicate more details about them but the key changes will include:

• We have reviewed the grades in the Sunday XVs competition to significantly reduce cross-Sydney travel wherever practical, while trying to balance the safety and enjoyment of players. Re-grading has been completed and the revised draw will be issued on Thursday 20th.
• Frosty 7s will be split across two venues.
• In all the competitions noted above host clubs will be required to implement upgraded COVID protocols. These will include mandatory QR coding for attendance registers at all venues and a strong recommendation that all spectators wear masks. SJRU will issue an updated COVID Safety Plan template to all clubs on Thursday 20th.
• SJRU will review each competition’s compliance with safety requirements each week.
• Other rugby events such as gala days and invitational tournaments will not be able to proceed. We will communicate directly with organisers of these proposed events.

All of these changes are necessary to enable our kids to keep playing rugby. We appreciate everyone’s support for them for the remainder of this season. On behalf of all of SJRU I would also like to acknowledge the huge amount of work done behind the scenes by our operational team of John, Andrew and Tina. We thank them and all the volunteers who are still working hard to help our kids enjoy playing rugby.