Our trip out west started bright and early Friday morning as two coach loads of excited players and parents set off to Narromine, which is about 30kms beyond Dubbo. We arrived in time for a game of cricket on a grass wicket, followed by the first of many BBQs.

Saturday morning was cloudless, a great day for rugby. We played four twenty minute quarters, with the last one a mix of Narromine Gorillas and Collaroy Cougars in each side with shirts swapped. Both sides played hard but fair rugby and the game was played in great spirits. The boys had a ball, they couldn’t stop smiling, despite the size of some of our opponents.

Following a BBQ (and salad!) lunch at the local hotel, we went to an alpaca farm for a shearing demo, had a tour of a grain handling facility, and visited a farm that grows coriander, wheat, chick peas and canola. We finished the day with a bonfire at a local farm and a scrumptious meal cooked in camp ovens.

Our fantastic hosts even finished the night off with a magnificent fireworks display. All this in one day! Oh and we broke the drought for them, with 48mm overnight!

Up early Sunday for a BBQ breakfast (naturally) and the bus trip home.

We all had a ball, it was a tremendous bonding opportunity between clubs (and between parents and sons) and we can’t wait to host Narromine for a trial in March.

Guy Fleming – Coach and coach driver