Are you over 35 and still silly enough to want to play rugby?

Collaroy’s Over 35 team (the GODs) is making it’s annual pillgramage to Forster for what is always a great weekend of rugby and the 3 F’s, fun, friendship and fraternity.

And if you’re not really up to playing then come along anyway, we always need more managers.

Depart Friday 14th October 2016, play Saturday 15th, return Sunday 16th.

2 nights accommodation at Tiona, breakfasts included – $125 each.

Always a great time, new players, tourists welcome.

Relive last year’s tour below:

Thursday 8-10-15

This was the first year that the advance party had taken lodge at the Big House on the Thursday night. Unfortunately poor coordination between tourists resulted in Tim Helman being the only GOD in the Big House on that first night. Tim having the choice of room and bed reported that he enjoyed a great albeit lonely night’s sleep.

Friday 9-10-15

The GODfather and Nigel travelled up on early Friday afternoon arriving at the Big House around 4:00pm to find some members already enjoying the local ambience. As the groceries etc. were unloaded, the GODS trophy complete with recently reaffixed cross, was placed on the BBQ table.

A lot can happen in 12 months and so it is with the Big House. Our outside BBQ was gone! – this forced us to cook in the communal facilities just a short walk away. Also gone were the bunks, only single or double beds were to be found.

The fridge was still in good working order and luckily a set top box had arrived for the TV which would allow us to watch the RWC Wallabies v Wales game.

The plus for 2015 was that we had our head GER with us unlike last year. All GODS were pleased to see him confident now that the weekend would run smoothly.

The new GODS t-shirts were distributed amongst the tourists, all agreeing that they were a nice touch (see photo above).

As usual we started to drink and enjoy the afternoon snacks as we pondered the weekend challenges ahead. The only virgin GOD this year was new club President Alastair Keep but he wasn’t due to arrive until early Sat morning.

As tradition would have it, around 6:30pm we arranged for the mini bus from the Reckie to pick us up at 7:15pm. The mini bus was already quite full when it arrived, many guests for a weekend wedding at Tiona were already on board.

The food and beverages at the Reckie were up to their usual high standard.

After dinner the pool table were very busy so the GODS were unable to continue the annual GODS pool championship.

Eventually the GODS returned home via the courtesy to The Big House to continue preparation for the tournament the next day.

In another change from tradition the lights, noise and ambience of our gathering on the porch at The Big House failed to attract any blow-ins.

As soon as some of the group drifted off to bed, the mysterious noise of buzz saws was again heard throughout the house.

Saturday 10-10-15

Despite the previous night’s festivities, the GODS began to stir quite early on the Saturday morning. The on-shore wind and presence of blue bottles prevented anyone from taking the plunge in the water off Tiona.

At this time we were greeted by the arrival of Alastair who had travelled up early in the morning.

With our GER firmly in control, the chaos of the previous year was gone.

A magnificent hot breakfast was quietly and efficiently prepared comprising sausages, bacon and eggs. Nigel demonstrated his experience by confirming the correct order to cook the breakfast; sausages followed by bacon then eggs.

This was the ideal pre-game feed that the GODS required.

As the group set off for Forster the sun was shining on a brilliant Saturday, all boding well for the rugby ahead at the Sporties fields of Forster. As we arrived at Sporties we found the field to be green and lush but firm afoot. This brought a smile to our faces as the conditions were ideal to the GODS plan of free flowing rugby.

Before our first game Blommie initiated Alastair our only virgin and led us as we all toasted rugby via a shot of Cougars Bourbon.

From the kick-off in our first game the GODS were on-song, playing some great rugby. We ran out easy winners with solid performances being put in by all.

In respect to the Mongrel’s catering the group found the steaks better this year with the sausage sangers succulent and the beers cold.

In our second and third games which were played consecutively, the GODS performed strongly, getting much the better of the opposition in both games. Many great running tries were scored. This was despite Nathan being sent to the Sin Bin for spewing on the field.

At each half time break and after game, the GER and his assistants provided bottled water and sound counsel to the GODS as to how they could improve aspects of our play.

Again as the tournament concluded the GODs were relieved to escape the day with no major injuries. At this point the majority of GODS trundled over to beach for a refreshing swim where they found the water very warm with gentle surf running.

The GODS then attended the official presentation, exchanging t- shirts and stubby holders with the event hosts. After the formal presentations in the Mongrels clubhouse we departed for the Bellevue via the Fish Coop where we found that that all the schoolie prawns were sold out so we had to buy some mid-sized Kingies.

The Kingies were very tasty, washed down mostly by schooners of XXXX Gold in respect to Ed who was doing a bit tough and unable to tour. Once the prawns were gone, a few bets placed and a couple of rounds of schooners consumed, the group set off to return to the Big House.

As all settled down around the large outdoor settings it was time to award the GODS trophy for another year. This year to the GODfather himself.

At the Reckie again for dinner, the GODS relaxed after dinner. The Wallabies were playing Wales at 2:30am so most GODS were keen to return to the Big House to get some sleep and get up for the game rather than looking to bat on through.

Some GODS were drawn back to Forster for some late night drinks however returning late to Tiona with the rest of the house asleep.

Sunday 12-10-14

The GODfather was the first to arise in the early morning ready for the Wallabies game. He found Nathan still awake from the previous night, recently showered and looking refreshed. Gradually all the GODS awoke to gather around the small TV to watch on GEM the Wallabies grind out a determined win against Wales, at one time being reduced to 13 players for 8-9 minutes whilst the Welsh attacked.

At the conclusion of the game we went back to sleep for a further few hours.

Sunday morning breakfast was again brilliantly coordinated by our GER. Blommie again enjoyed his breakfast of champions.

As tradition would have it once breakfast was consumed, the Big House cleared and cars packed, most of the GODS eventually departed Tiona for Seal Rocks. Upon arrival at the small fishing village we stopped at Boat Beach for refreshments whilst lounging on the bbq tables there. It was most pleasant, with the majority of the GODS there also enjoying a swim.

The 2015 tour was again a great opportunity to spend a few days away with mates. It’s really not about the rugby. It was unfortunate this year that we were missing many of the regulars.