10+ years ago each Saturday afternoon I would head down to Rat Park with my eldest son Michael with Bailey in tow to watch the big boys go around. Now Mike is one if those big boys and as he runs out on the field every Saturday I’m sure that there is still a bit of that little boy in him. Each time he looks up to ‘The Hill’ and sees the mums and dads with their sons I know he recalls the days when he sat there dreaming that one day too they could be one of those big boys too. Hey dreams do come true!!!

This is going to be a big year for Rugby in Australia and I think a really big year for our Rats as well. We are planning our ‘Back to Juniors’ day again this year (June 22nd) where the seniors wear their junior club socks and our Village Clubs are there to support them. I am looking forward to this being a big day in our club calendars so lock it in and make sure everyone knows.

The Seniors season kicks off on the 6th April and would love you to encourage your players, parents and supporters to head down to Rat Park for this or any of our 9 home games this season. Membership is a great idea and what better way to spend Saturday afternoon than with your son, wife, partner and friends watching the Rats go around.

Your in Rats Rugby,

Brad Dalton
President – WJRU