Collaroy Rugby Club Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: 6/5/2013

Time: 07:30 pm

Location: Collaroy Services Beach Club

Attendees: Barry Muncke, Crombie Pitts, Mike Gibbons, Graham Davies, Mick Barry, Lata Wilkinson, Peter Bremner, Tim Lockrey, Paul Van Der Zwaag, Eileen Dunkley, Karen Green

Apologies: Bruce Nicholas

Chair: Barry Muncke

Minutes: Mike Gibbons

Approval of the Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes were agreed. Proposed: LW Seconded: CP

Club Database


MG reported that a sub-committee of BM, MB, GD and himself met on 3/27 to review development progress.

It was agreed that access should be given to committee, coaches and managers. C&M’s to update match statistics weekly and a number of ease-of-use suggestions were made with MG to implement. MB to send match summary scraped from Buddah to MG by Wednesday each week.

MG reported programming completed but has not had time to prepare instructional video and some data quality issues with Buddah had surfaced.


MG hopes to complete by Sunday, 12/5/2013.

Training Nights and Lights


MB, TL reported U9’s white will train on Thursday nights.

BM reported Justine Spence has agreed to be responsible overall for lighting control on Thursdays. Lights are operating intermittently on Thursday nights.

Coaches and Managers


The meeting that was to be held with C&M’s re responsibilities did not occur. Experience at home and away games so far was that many clubs are not observing the rules and that our Managers and GM’s are not sufficiently aware of their powers and responsibilities.

All coaches must have current Smart Rugby accreditation but PB’s has lapsed.


Meeting with C&M’s still necessary. PB to get accredited.

Treasurers Report and Sponsorship


LW presented Treasurers report showing current balance of all accounts is $100,178.52. LW proposed transferring online saver account to term deposit account. LW also noted sponsorships and, marketing events need to be finalised before cash-flow forecast can be prepared.

There was discussion on how to record approximately $60,000 in expenditures relating to clubhouse and lighting. Should the cost be spread over 5 years or shown as lump sum special item for this year.

Sponsorship sub-committee has not had time to meet.


Online saver account transfer approved.

Clubhouse and lighting expenditures to be shown as special item in this years accounts.



Carried over to next meeting



KG apologised for not having had time to work on this.



BM reported that Occupation Certificate has been delayed due to several non-conforming building code items. Hoping for interim OC to allow Council to finish interior rendering and kitchen fit-out.

BM proposed buying turf to cover approx. 600 sq. m in front of clubhouse at estimated cost of $2,000 and then Club workday to lay.


Expenditure for turf approved

Sydney Juniors


BM reported that despite reservations that too much control was being ceded to the SJRU, the club has signed the SJRU agreement on the recommendation of Warringah Rugby.



Bruce Nicholas has documented some observations on coaching across the club which have been forwarded to Juniors coaches.



GD reported that sporting clubs will not be required to complete the Working With Children Check until 2015. GD asked for volunteer to take over team photo responsibilities. KG obliged.

Gear Steward Report


PB reported Best and Fairest trophies have been supplied to all teams. Shorts are now in stock. Gear cage is tidy. Will provide each team with ball pump.

Liquor License


LW enquired as to the possibility of acquiring a liquor licence. BM responded that this is forbidden under the lease agreement with the council for the clubhouse.

Club Vision/Mission Statement


LW asked what goals does the club have and how are we to achieve them. A healthy discussion followed with the following points being made:

  • Identifying club goals will allow creation of plan to achieve them
  • The club has had teams up to open level in the past
  • Depending on aspirations of players and parents, high achievers will leave for opportunities at other clubs, while others will leave if under too much pressure to train hard and perform well.
  • With highest age group team being U14, and without depth at that level, we risk becoming a feeder club for stronger local clubs rather than for Warringah Rats.
  • Heavy competition from other sports such as League and now AFL.
  • Schedule conflict between league and union with Saturday games
  • We should aim to accommodate both the ambitious player and those who just want to have fun with their friends.
  • Weekly match reports circulated by newsletter to parents may help build stronger club cohesion and spirit.

Establish a sub-committee to work on goals, vision and plan.

Date of Next Meeting

June 3, 2013

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.