Collaroy Rugby Club Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: 21/3/2013

Time: 07:30 pm

Location: Long Reef Golf Club

Attendees: Barry Muncke, Crombie Pitts, Mike Gibbons, Graham Davies, Mick Barry, Lata Wilkinson

Apologies: Bruce Nicholas, Peter Bremner, Tim Lockrey, Paul Van Der Zwaag, Eileen Dunkley, Karen Green

Chair: Barry Muncke

Minutes: Mike Gibbons

Approval of the Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes were agreed. Proposed: GD Seconded: CPD

Club Database


MG has not has time to meet with BM and MB so no progress made

Coaches Managers and Training Nights


MB reported that training nights for the 9’s will move to Friday after Easter, also that that the two U6’s coaches were handling the coaching and manager responsibilities jointly. Justine Spence was suggested as lighting control person for Thursday night U8 training.

Coaches and Managers Manual


MG has not had time to further revise the manual. Several thought that input from experienced managers would necessary. It was also thought important that managers and ground marshals be properly informed of new procedures and ground setup


Hold meeting of coaches, managers and ground marshals at Griffith Park on Thursday April 4.

Treasurers Report


Lata presented draft cash flow report. This will be finalized when sponsorships are resolved.

BM suggested and it was agreed by all that a sponsorship plan be prepared so sponsors would know in advance what they were getting in return for their donations.

It is already know that Doyle Spillane, IGA and sebaKMT will continue their sponsorships.


That a sub-committee be established of BM, CP and LW to develop a sponsor program

Best and Fairest Awards


Vouchers offered by Newport Arms Hotel.


CP to collect from Newport Arms

Team Nominations


Grade nominations were submitted to the SJRU and accepted without change.

Age Team Grade
U10 Collaroy Black C
U10 Collaroy White D
U10 Collaroy Red E
U11 Collaroy C
U12 Collaroy C
U14 Collaroy C

Ground Marshal Meetings


All teams must be represented at one of these meetings


Those attending Forestville meeting on March 25 are:

U10 Black Jeremy Vernon
U10 White Tim Lockrey
John Barraclough
U11 Nicky Hurt
U12 Glen McMichael
U14 Geoff Sparke
Michelle Pitts

Ball boys and girls for Rats games


MG reported that all parents were informed and at least two had contacted Mandy at the Rats to volunteer

Referee Liaison Officer


Phil Feltscheer will remain as our RLO for the coming season. North Sydney Referees have been notified.

Profit Vouchers


We have three mouth guard vouchers.


Raffle on Skills Day.



This was not discussed as KG was not present. Barry requests that LW and KG organize ladies for the canteen before the first match.



Marketing plan needed – no discussion as KG absent.

Boot Swap


It was decided not to proceed.



The work approved at the last meeting will be completed by the end of March. The kitchen cannot be used until tiling above the work areas has been completed. The architect is checking health and safety regs and two quotes will be obtained and submitted to the committee before work starts. Painting will be responsibility of the club and a work day will be organized. The assistance of a club parent in color scheme design will be sought

Sydney Juniors


BM reported that the SJRU now require clubs to sign a competition agreement directly with them, cost $10, whereas previously there was a hierarchy through Warringah Rats. Warringah member junior clubs are discussing the implications and none have yet signed.

Date of Next Meeting

April 18, 7:30 pm Long Reef Golf Club

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.