Collaroy Rugby Club Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: 24/1/2013

Time: 07:15 pm

Location: Griffith Park Clubhouse

Attendees: Barry Muncke, Crombie Pitts, Mike Gibbons, Bruce Nicholas, Graham Davies, Peter Bremner

Apologies: Eileen Dunkley, Paul Van Der Zwaag, Mick Barry, Tim Lockrey

Chair: Barry Muncke

Minutes: Mike Gibbons

Approval of the Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes were agreed. Proposer: PB Seconded: GD



MG wished to ask MB about the posting of minutes to the website. BM replied that MB has been developing a new version of the website. It is hoped this new version will be ready by the first rego day with a link to the new Buddah registration page (see registration discussion).

Registration Publicity


BM had placed 5 placards around the neighborhood but two had been confiscated by the council. BM believed we would be able to retrieve them. BM has had 2000 flyers printed containing rego details. Consideration was given to distribution methods including hand delivery by committee members to local letterboxes and Manly Daily inserts, placement in shops and on Doyle Spillane’s illuminated display.


Committee members (and/or their children) will hand deliver to homes in their vicinity. BM will get 1000 more flyers printed.



Plans to setup our own online registration page were shelved after GD contacted SJRU and found the facility is now available to the club through Buddah. GD described the process as:

  1. Member goes to Buddah site and provides email address
  2. Buddah immediately sends unique password to email address
  3. Member logs in with email address and password
  4. Member chooses club and registers
  5. Member pays with credit card (GD has updated Buddah with our registration fees)

Discussion revolved around the pros and cons of online versus paper registration.


This will now be the preferred method for signups and instructions will be given out on rego day. Paper registration forms will also be available for the technically challenged. In addition, GD will mail all members for last two years reminding them of the need to register with a link to the Buddah registration site. Attached to the email will be a copy of the flyer and a registration form for those not wanting to go online.

The committee will meet at Griffith Park at 7:30 am on Feb 2 and 9 to collect gear needed for rego.

Club Database


MG demonstrated prototype Club database. At this stage, functionality includes:

  • listing all players with player and parent contact details, searching by name, team and age group
  • Adding match details date, opponent, score players who represented club and individual point scorers

The prototype is available for review. MG welcomes all comments from the committee for additional features. Who should have access is for future discussion.


Prototype shows promise and comment fields should be added at match and player levels.



BM reported the council has committed to completing the clubhouse to Certificate of Occupancy status. Date of completion still uncertain.

Cement has been poured for training light fittings. Trenching for wiring is next step and barring unforeseen weather deterioration lights should be completed by end February

Coaching Coordination


MG reported that with assistance from CP, he had mailed all coaches and managers from last year asking for willingness to coach again this year. Of 38 emails sent, only 19 responses had been received by 24 January. Of these, 11 were a positive commitment, 7 were negative and 1 doubtful.

MG also reported that several attempts to contact Mark Philp to get support for Smart Rugby and skills day had so far been unsuccessful.

Skills day was set for Sunday, 24 March.

CP provided MG with handbook for coaches and managers. This is to be updated for this year.

BN outlined presentation to coaches “One Step Ahead” describing common playing style to be encouraged by all teams. This is to be delivered by presentation on date to be determined when coaches are known.


Once registration numbers are known and teams, invitations to coach can be given. MG asked for support from committee members with knowledge of members and parents at that time.

Other Business


Of three canopies club owns two need replacing. BM suggested confirming which major sponsors will renew for this year and then offer them branding rights on the new canopies, which can be paid for easily from the funds they contribute. Cost of canopy and printing is estimated at $800. Life of canopy is approximately 3 years so sponsor gets three years of publicity.

GD reported Bunnings have offered BBQ at their store one Saturday as fund raiser. This was seen as an excellent opportunity to publicize rego’s if an early date possible.

GD reported on Working with Children status. If coach or manager have a player in the team, them registration not necessary. Coaches and managers should be informed of requirements through handbook.

Club will be involved in First Aid trial. We should use this when talking about club benefits as will be reassuring to parents concerned about first aid issues.

When teams are known MG will advise SJRU.

Date of Next Meeting

March 5, 7:30 pm Griffith Park Clubhouse

Meeting adjourned at 9pm.