You may or may not be aware that during the off season we have been working with Rod Macqueen to develop an innovative approach to training for this coming season that would develop into a unique style of play for the club.

The approach is based on a series of much less structured game sense exercises at training that should be a lot more fun for the players whilst still allowing them to fast track development of their own rugby skills.

The purpose of the meeting above is for Rod and I to fully outline this different approach to the Cougars Coaches to ascertain the propensity for such a change.

The meeting is targeted for all Coaches, co-Coaches and those fathers, friends etc. who help out on occasions, so please feel free to spread the word to others likely to be involved with coaching in 2014.

The meeting however will not cover managerial type issues such as jerseys, kit bags, sign-on sheet procedures etc.

If there is sufficient buy-in from the Coaches we will proceed to run a live on-field trial of the “games” using our 2012 U12 premiership winning team, where all Coaches can see how the “games” operate in practice.

Key dates moving forward to note are:

  • Registration days – Sat 1st & Sat 8th Feb at the Cougars clubhouse
  • Coaches meeting with Rod – Tuesday 11th Feb at the Cougars clubhouse
  • Proposed Games sense approach training trail with U13s – Monday 17th Feb at Griffith Park
  • Skills Session/Welcome BBQ Sunday March 9th at Griffith Park